Wednesday, 17 October 2018

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Thursday, 30 March 2017

January and February

Our class has done many things since coming back from the Christmas break!

We started back by making a "melted snowman" craft. We used a bunch of different shapes and glued them all over!

We always love making play-dough, especially the playing part at the end! It is great for our fine motor skills. This time, we decided to make white "snow" and add silver sparkles to it!



Using twisted pipe cleaners as stamps, we made snowflake art with blue and white paint! We got to choose whether we wanted big or small snowflakes, white or blue paint, and white or blue paper.


With all the cold weather, we felt the need to make a warm soup! We chose to make a delicious slow cooker taco soup and, oh, was it yummy! There was so much to add to the bowl! We got to be Little Chefs!! Some of us had the soup for lunch the next day.


Next, we made a name craft, continuing our winter/snowman theme, by making a snowman using boulders for the letters in our names! we added ribbons for scarves and some of us even got creative with arms! We used a pompom in white paint to make it snow around our snowman.

Our last snowman activity was creating sensory balls using white balloons. We chose what we wanted to put in our balloon; rocks, flour, oatmeal or play-dough. Each one made the balloons feel different. We tied the balloons with our choice of coloured ribbon and added a face!

When February rolled around, we started doing some Valentine's day activities! Our Principal, Mme. Parent, came in to bake and decorate some tasty Valentine's cupcakes.
First, we followed our picture symbols to help us understand what steps we were going to do. We then had to add all the ingredients in.


Once all the ingredients were in the bowl, it was time to mix it! We had a switch hooked up to the mixer so we had to work with a buddy; one of us pressed the switch while the other held the mixer. We a pros at team work!

After our batter was perfectly mixed, we helped our teachers by pouring it into the cupcake trays. Our teachers then put the trays into the oven to bake. We had to wait a whole day before we could decorate them!

The next day, once the cupcakes were cool, we finally got to decorate them. We got to make a choice as to whether we wanted pink or purple icing, and which sprinkles we wanted on them. We each got to decorate two cupcakes. They turned out great!


In the spirit of Valentine's day, we also made some nice heart art. Using a pom pom, clothespin to hold and paint, we got very creative. We chose our paint colours and sparkles.

Valentine's Day turned out to be a fun day both in our DE classroom and in our integration classes. We gave out and received many Valentine's cards. We needed a place to keep them all, so we made cute owl bags to hold our cards. We glued on the different parts of the owl, many pieces shaped as hearts, and put our names on the owl's belly.


February also brought Flag Day. That morning, the whole school went out to the front of our school with our Canadian flags and sang our National Anthem.

To celebrate Kindness Week, we made special coffee filter heart art. We took heart shaped coffee filters and decorated them with bingo daubers. We chose which colours we wanted to use. Next, we sprayed the decorated coffee filters with water. The water helped spread the colours all over the hearts. We had to let them dry for a while. Everyone's was unique and beautiful.


Another way to show our kindness in February was by making a soup for someone in need. We made a potato soup with lots and lots of potatoes! First, we added potatoes and then we added more potatoes! Next, we measured and poured in cream and milk. The soup turned out great and was very much enjoyed!


We had a busy start back after Christmas and it is only getting busier! Stay tuned for all the fun we have been having during March!

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Looking Back At Christmas In Our Class

We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and the Advent season in our class.

To get our classroom into the Christmas spirit, we made beautiful tissue paper ornaments using paper plates. We helped choose our colours and glue the tissue paper onto the plate. Our ornaments were added to our beautiful Christmas tree that we were able to light up. We especially loved our tree during our group circles!

We baked and decorated some delicious Christmas sugar cookies. First we took turns adding the ingredients. Once all the ingredients were in the bowl, we mixed the dough. Our teachers had to help bake the cookies before we could decorate them. We had to wait a whole day!

On the second day we got to decorate them with icing and Christmas sprinkles. First, we spread the icing all over the cookie. Once the icing was on, we chose which sprinkles we wanted and then covered our cookies with them!

Finally, the time came when we could taste the yummy treats! Some of us brought our cookies home to our families instead so that they could see and enjoy what we made.

We decided that just decorating the inside of the class wasn't enough! We helped make little gingerbread people so that we could turn our door into a gingerbread house. Our friends in other classes loved seeing our door :)

We got a little creative and used pine cones to make Christmas trees. We started by filling a tray with green paint. We put our pine cone into the paint and rolled it around by tilting the tray from side to side and forward to back. Once the edges of the pine cones were covered in green paint, we chose the sparkles we wanted to use and sprinkled them on the wet paint.

One of the highlights of our holiday season was our Christmas Field Trip! We had such a fun time! We got to ride the bus with our friends and teachers, explore the beautiful decorations at the mall, eat lunch in the food court, check out some animals at the pet store, do a little Christmas shopping for our class (we got to test out some toys :) ) and, the most exciting of all, we got to meet Santa!

We had a musician come in to play the guitar and sing with us! First he came on a snow day and some of our friends missed our sing-along. He came again so that we could all enjoy the Christmas songs. We had kindergarten friends join in both times!

There was a birthday around Christmas that we celebrated as a class. Our friend really loved his mini birthday cupcakes that his family sent in for him to share with us and our teachers.

We were very lucky to have most of our families join us for our Christmas Tea. We made special Christmas tree brownies to display and enjoy at the tea. Once our teachers helped us melt the chocolate, we took the melted green chocolate and drizzled it onto pretzels. We picked our sprinkles and added them to our tree while the chocolate was still soft. We had to do this step quickly! We finished by adding a little star sprinkle at the stop of the tree. After the trees were hardened, we stuck them in the top of a little brownie and, ta-daaa, they were read for our Christmas Tea!

One of the very special things we did before our Christmas break was make a gift for our families. This year we made white hot chocolate snowmen (with marshmallows :) ) so our Mommies and Daddies could have a warm drink on a cold day. Each of us chose the colours for our snowman's earmuffs and nose. We also filled the jar with the hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. We wrapped our gift with a special photo of us making the snowman.




Our last couple days before Christmas Break, we went shopping at the Christmas Store in the gym, played Christmas bingo with our buddies, participated in the festive Christmas Concert (we practiced so hard with our integration classes!) and had a PJ and movie day!


We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Break and a Happy New Year!